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And now to continue with the effort to save our world:

June 24, 2016  England votes to leave the European Union. The “leave” vote was driven by concerns of individuals who still remember the madness of World War Two; and are determined to prevent climate refugees (And others fleeing the economic circumstances imposed upon them by greed.) from interfering with  their ability(?) to deal with near-future socio-economic-political-survival realities.

Such informs us that some politicians understand: 

The crisis must be confronted!

However, due the greed driven individuals who guaranteed their election, they insist that no one be informed that we must store our personal vehicles! Woe!

If we don't soon act & our descendants ask what we did to prevent climate changes that forced them to live in the shadows of hell - what will be said in our favour?

That abandoning our prized mobility

was an impossibility? If so:

Hum Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Bang low your dirge to the sea.

Your sound so despond will not travel long

Your tune was not meant to be.

Drum Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Speak soft of our crimes of the past

And sing loud the cry that truth had to die

In order that profits would last.

Cry Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Sing soft the lies of our greed

And peal plaintive song of needs all gone wrong

And air unfit to breathe.

Hum soft all the bells! To an empty world tell!

Of Kyoto's smiles and deceits

Hum soft all the bells! To an empty world tell!

The greed of lies on spreadsheets.

Copyright December 8, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne

Added this 8th day of October 2016: May the gods of time offer and heap all nature of evil on the Harpy whose dollar driven vision removed Canada’s signature from the ‘Kyoto Accords’.

My book,

'Purported Pedophile

should be available mid-summer 2017. 

Not that such shall change anything.

Unless we act.

Now, to:  Donald J. Trump, President-Elect:

Mr. Trump, with all respect, please do access 

my message to you at 

Now: The harsh and deadly facts of our predicament: 

Everyone! Access the above URL.

And this one:

And let your sense of “Duty” guide you to take part, or not, 


that might save our world as a viable habitat.

Subsequent to all reviews and appraisals of the crisis;

should our failure to take immediate action

lead to thoughts of an “early exit” suicide:

Make A Statement!

Consider a ‘Pre-Departure’ gift of an appropriate Domain name, or other gift, as a contribution to this effort to wake Humanity. (And a continuing effort, despite the nature of our madness, to provide  health and dental care to the young and impoverished in the Golden Triangle area.)

All statements associated with such or other gifts shall be

acknowledged worldwide and sealed in time capsules as:

Observations of Humanity’s


Thoughts & Behaviour  

All such statements and / or gifts should be sent to:

Our Children

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To a safer, saner

and more caring world.

To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

"The Tax Refusal"

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016